The cork stoppers

Respect for the land

Proven eco-sustainability

Working with proximity cork and our comprehensive production process implies a spectacular positive carbon dioxide (CO2) fixation balance. CO2 is retained, thanks to the maintenance and regeneration activity of forests that derives from our work, in a much higher amount than the emissions generated by the production of cork stoppers.


CQ Fabrication




We make one-piece natural cylindrical cork stoppers for still wine.


For young to long-aged wines.


For young to short-aged wines.

We fill the lenticels with recycled natural cork powder from the dimensional rectification of the same corks.

We fabricate at 24 mm diameter, more than enough considering the high density of the used cork, with the standard lengths of 54, 49, 44 and 38 mm, although we can make special sizes on request.

Our cork stoppers obey the technical specifications of the UNE 56921 and UNE 56924 regulations.

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