The process

Absolute traceability

process and product

100% own elaboration

We carry out all the necessary operations of the production process without outsourcing. That allows us to directly control all the stages and to guarantee the total traceability of the process and the product.

The stages


Every summer, when the trees allow the peelers to remove the cork, we recieve the raw material directly from the nearby forests. We make selection to determine which pieces are suitable for making cork stoppers. These pieces recieve a cut with the objective of cleaning the part that had been closest to the floor.


Raw cork rests a minimum of 12 months in a privileged location, which is elevated, sunny and far from built-up and traffic areas, and in optimal conditions in terms of position, orientation and isolation from the ground. In this ideal place, this selected cork is exposed to Tramuntana, which is the name of the dry north wind that guarantees us a perfect cork drying.


We boil the rested cork by immersing it in water that is under a strict and continuous quality control. Immediately, we manually reselect the pieces according to caliber and quality criteria. The next step is to proceed to stabilize them at a controlled temperature and humidity to prevent the formation of fungus on their surface.


The cylindrical cork stoppers are obtained after slicing the pieces and drilling the slices by specialized staff who verifies again its aptitude for manufacturing. From these just-produced cork stoppers, we select the ones that are suitable for bottling and rectify them to the final size.


Firstly, we classify using artificial vision composed of technology based on laser, 3D and color. Afterwards, we make visual reviews to obtain the final classes.

Vaporitzation and washing

Besides washing for microbiological conditioning, we apply two vaporizations of several vapor cycles each to minimize unwanted smells. The first one is powerful and it is on the just-fabricated corks, and the second one is softer and it is applied before shipping.

Olfactory test

Every cork stopper is oflactory analyzed by specialized staff who has been trained in the reference laboratory of the sector.

Marking and final treatments

We customize the marking on the customer’s request. Then, we set the cork stoppers up to the correct humidity and apply the final surface treatments before packing them up.


We carry out the necessary process and final controls in order to optimize the minimization of unwanted smells and guarantee the total traceability and the compliance with reference standards.

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